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No Worries Fishing Charters is a small, independent charter company specializing in providing fun and exciting charter fishing experiences in the Puget Sound area. We are one of the only charters in the South Sound area. The Puget Sound is known for its amazing salmon, flounder and lingcod. Fishing for these species in this beautiful place is beyond compare! Fishing with us is truly a no worries experience - book online today.

CAPT Lorenzo St Luce

Fishing has been my passion since I was a boy growing up in the Caribbean. I have been proud to call the Pacific Northwest my home since 2012. I am now able to realize my dream of sharing my passion for fishing with all of you. I am licensed by the US Coast Guard and certified in first aid and CPR.

There are plenty of fish in the Puget Sound and I know how to find them. Puget Sound is filled with all five species of Pacific Salmon, Flounder and Lingcod. There are many charters to choose from in the Seattle area and choosing one is a tough decision. I can't always guarantee a catch but I can guarantee a great time!

The Boat

No Worries Fishing Charter uses a 2007 SeaRay Weekender 215 for its trips. We use top of the line fishing equipment and provide all of the bait and tackle for each trip. The boat has a head for patrons use.

The Experience

The Catch

Salmon are at the top of most fisherman's lists. Puget Sound waters are home to several different species, including Chinook (King Salmon), Coho, Chum, Pink, and juvenile Chinooks known as “Blackmouth” Salmon. We have a blast catching resident Blackmouth Salmon in winter, while we mainly target other species in late summer. Pink Salmon only enter the Sound in years that end in odd numbers.

When we're not hunting down Salmon, we make the most of Puget Sound’s superb bottom fishing. We fish in the Southern part of the Puget Sound between Kingston and the Narrows so we can reel in the likes of Flounder, Lingcod, Cabezon, and more. To make the most of local bottom fishing, plan your trip sometime in May or early June, when the season for Lingcod is open. You can catch Flounder in many parts of the sound year-round.

Fishing Seasons


In January, it’s all about Blackmouth Salmon! We go wild over this small, hard-fighting fish


Blackmouth Salmon and Cutthroat are available almost everywhere in the Sound at this time of year.


More great fishing continues as the resident Blackmouth Salmon stay strong through winter. Dropping a line or two to the bottom will produce Flounder


In some areas, Salmon season closes in April. This is an excellent time to turn your attention toward bottom fishing. Flounder are abundant and easy to catch, which makes them perfect for a family fishing trip!


May is the prime time for bottom fishing in Puget Sound. Lingcod and Cabezon are finally open to harvest.


Great bottom fishing continues, with Lingcod, Cabezon, and Flounder available in most parts of the Sound. In some places, Chinook are starting to appear.


Come July, we are gearing up for Salmon season. Chinook are here in full swing, with Cohos right behind them. In odd years, they’re joined by Pink Salmon.


August is a great time to explore the Sound, with your choice of bottom fishing for Cabezon and Flounder or trolling for a variety of Salmon species.


September is your last chance to experience the sheer variety Puget Sound has in store. You can still fish for many Salmon species, in addition to Flounder and Cabezon.


Excellent fishing for Coho, Chum, and Cutthroat Trout. Flounder fishing is fair.


We can still catch plenty of Salmon and keep them since we fish in the South Sound.


Fishing opportunities are limited in December but we can still fish for and keep Salmon in the South Sound and Flounder are scarce.

Trips and Rates

All trips require prepayment, should you need to cancel we will work with you to reschedule at your convenience. If you cancel at least 7 days in advance, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel within 7 days from your trip, we will reschedule your trip or give a 50% refund.  Prices include tax.

Please call to book your trip.


High Season - May to September

Morning - 6 hours, start time around 6

$690 for 3 people*

$600 for 2 people*

$500 for 1 person*

Afternoon - 4 hours, start time around 1:00

$600 for 3 people*

$500 for 2 people*

$450 for 1 person*

*All prices include charter fee, fishing license and bait and tackle. **Taxes are not included.

You may add up to 2 extra people onto a 3 person charter.

Please call 253-514-0273 or 253-514-5894 to book your charter.


Low to Mid Season - October to April


Flex Time - 6 hours, start time around 7:30

$660 for 3 people*

$500 for 2 people*

$400 for 1 person*

*All prices include charter fee, fishing license and bait and tackle. **Taxes are not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I catch a fish?

Every effort will be made to get you a catch but fishing is not an exact science and catching a fish that you can keep is not guaranteed.

What should I bring with me?

Lunch, camera, sunscreen, polarized sunglasses, warm jacket, rain gear, video, seasick medicine and a ready to have fun attitude!

What does No Worries Fishing Charters provide?

Fishing license, all rods and reels, all bait and tackle, clean and safe vessel, CG licensed Captain, expert instruction, all safety gear, free fish cleaning, filleting and bagging, and a fun and friendly attitude!

Is there anything I should not bring?

Yes! Bananas! They have been considered bad luck on vessels, especially fishing vessels, since the days of sailing ships...we may check bags for these bad omens!

You also don't need to bring your own fishing gear or safety gear unless you require something special.

In order to prevent accidents, we appreciate that you do not bring alcohol or marijuana onboard the vessel.

What if I have to cancel?

If you have to cancel, we will first try to reschedule, but if this cannot be arranged, you will receive a refund of your trip if you cancel at least 7 days before your scheduled trip.

If you cancel less than 7 days from your departure, we will try to reschedule, but if this cannot be arranged, you agree to forfeit 50% of your trip cost.

No Worries Fishing Charters will reschedule your trip if WE have to cancel. If a reschedule cannot be arranged we will refund your full trip cost. Cancellations are rare but there are times that the weather, primarily high winds or choppy seas, will impede our ability to provide you a safe experience.

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Please feel free to email us before booking your trip with any questions.

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